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About Hera

For any of you who are curious and want to put a face to the name, here it is. I thought long and hard about what to write so I can humble brag, but nothing really came to mind lol. So I will keep it short and sweet. I am Hera, I am the best! Just kidding! 👀

In all seriousness, I love what I do and I believe that is evident in my work. I am all about new, exciting ideas and the challenge of bringing them to life. So if you are looking for someone that will put in an equal amount of thought, care, and passion into your big day then you have come to the right place!!!


The Team

Even though we are called Hera Events & Décor, this is a team of 5 individuals with a distinctive approach to design and décor. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other while trying to figure out how to make each event special and unique. 


Click on the images to know more about each of our amazing crew members!

Awards & Features

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